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In plenty

Posted by R. Berg on June 05, 2001

In Reply to: Phrase meanings posted by ESC on June 05, 2001

: : Sir,

: : I need the meanings of the following phrases.
: : 1.taken off
: : 2. in plenty
: : 3. in torrents
: : 4. make up one's mind
: : 5. as dark as pitch

: 1. taken off. "The plane has taken off." (The plane is in the air.) "John has taken off." (John left in a hurry.) "That new toy has really taken off." (The new toy is popular -- many people have bought the new product.)

: 2. in plenty. I'm not sure what you mean. "We have lived on the mountain in plenty and in lean years -- in good times and bad." ("Plenty" meaning when everyone has enough to eat, a nice house, warm clothes, a few luxuries, etc. They have all they need and most of what they want.) Or: "He's into me plenty." (He owes me a lot of money or owes me favors.)

: 3. in torrents. "It is raining in torrents." (It's raining heavily -- in sheets. A "torrent" is a "violent rushing stream of water," according to the World Book Dictionary.)

: 4. make up one's mind. "When are you going to make up your mind?" (When are you going to make a decision? Make a choice or decision on a course of action.)

: 5. black as pitch. Very black or dark. "The night is black as pitch." Or: "The night is pitch-black." Pitch (in this sense)is "a black, sticky substance made from tar or turpentine," according to the World Book Dictionary.

"In plenty" often means "in abundance." "At the campsite we found firewood in plenty." There was more than enough firewood. "The host provided food and drink in plenty." Lots of food and drink was there.