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Blowing smoke up my ass

Posted by Bob on June 16, 2001

In Reply to: Blowing smoke up my ass posted by Bruce Kahl on June 16, 2001

: : : : I've heard several people this week use this phrase and can't decide what its orgins are. Any ideas?

: : : No.

: : OK, although my first reaction was basically "Yecch," my husband says he thinks it means flattery. "Blowing smoke" = producing empty talk, "hot air"; the "ass" part is just for emphasis, as in "Get your butt in here!"

: Here is the NE part of the US the expression is a plea or admonition to refrain from FALSE flattery as in "Dont be a yes man and stop blowin' smoke up my ass--is the project as proposed doable or not?"

Yes. Deceptive flattery. The smoke is the same as in "smoke and mirrors" to descrive the distractive illusions of a magician.