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Archive numbers

Posted by R. Berg on June 02, 2001

In Reply to: Archive numbers posted by Bruce Kahl on June 02, 2001

: : : Gary,
: : : Your archive numbers don't correspond to the pages called up. For instance, Archive 8 takes you back to 7 and, if you click on Archive 9, which doesn't yet exist because you only just created this section of the Forum, you go back to 8. A bit confusing for newcomers.
: : : James

: : James,

: : There are nine archives so far. When I started the site I wasn't thinking in terms of archiving so the first forum didn't include a numbered sub-directory. I'm not sure how to change this now, apart from renumbering to start from Archive 0. Its never bothered me much but if others find it confusing I'll try to think of a way of rewording the links.

: when was the first day of the new millenium, 1-1-00 or 1-1-01?

It depends on whether that's the British or the American system of writing dates. Does the first 1 represent January and the second 1 the first of the month, or the other way round?

I suppose there's some technical reason you can't renumber everything so that the first archive is #1 and so is its link? Even if the archive numbers and their links can't be made to match, it would be helpful to show dates with the links.