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Gangsters. . .

Posted by Pamela Griffin on June 02, 2001

Thanks to all who responded to my "heat is on" post. I am a stickler for historical research
About gangsters-- according to "English Through the Ages," a wonderful book listing words and
their "birth records" --IOW when they came into being--and one I highly recommend to any other
writers out there, the noun "gangster" was in effect by 1900.
So I'm guessing there were obviously some gangsters around in 1917, even if the Volstead act
didn't go into effect until 1919 ???
As for what they did all day. . .well, there's always been crime and countless ways to go about
it. But I will certainly look deeper into the question brought up about gangsters existing in 1917.
They are not the main characters in my book, so if any changes would need to be made
they wouldn't be extensive. (Thank God! )

Have a wonderful day, all!