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Posted by R. Berg on May 04, 2001

In Reply to: And more posted by R. Berg on May 03, 2001

: : : well... my band name needs a name.

: : : we are 4 people
: : : guitarist a bassist a drummer, and a vocalist
: : : we are a cross between 311 and incubus and we have a little punk inside us.

: : : we need a band name, please respond and help out
: : : thank you all

: : Faces in the Crowd. Brass Monkey. Column B. Tarantula. Deferred Maintenance. Shivareen.

: Fishbone. Crocodile Tears. Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Twelve-Step Program. Sitdown Strike. Minimum Wage. Will Work for Food.

: It would help if we knew how nasty you want to be. I pretty much stopped following pop music when the Beatles broke up, but it's impossible not to notice that today's bands tend toward names with unpleasant connotations like Urban Blight or Partial Paralysis.

The link below goes to a site that has lots of band names, to show what other people are doing.

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