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Posted by ESC on May 03, 2001

In Reply to: Band name posted by kate on May 03, 2001

: : : well... my band name needs a name.

: : : we are 4 people
: : : guitarist a bassist a drummer, and a vocalist
: : : we are a cross between 311 and incubus and we have a little punk inside us.

: : : we need a band name, please respond and help out
: : : thank you all

: : I'm in the wrong generation to know anything about 311 or incubus. However, the idea of a cross between 311 and anything suggests instantly that 911 might be appropriate. (For those outside the U.S.: 911, pronounced "nine one one," is the phone number for emergencies.) (Justin, if YOU are outside the U.S., then just ignore my suggestion.)

: rip saw
: cider stew
: chisel stick
: gear head
: molten rock
: cork screw
: dead ringer
: catapult
: cold turkey

I'm not good at this. But maybe something with a fire image. RE: "punk," the Random House Word of the Day:

"Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, punk was coming into use in the late 17th century meaning 'rotten, SLOW BURNing wood, used as tinder'. The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology says that it may have been borrowed from the Algonquian word PONK which means, literally, 'LIVING ASHES'..."