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1930's phrases

Posted by Joel on March 15, 2001

In Reply to: 1930's phrases posted by ESC on March 12, 2001

: : : Hey! Does anybody know any popular phrases, words, slogans, or meanings that came out of the 30's? I'm doing a project for school and can't find any. If you know of any please e-mail me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Don't stick yer neck out.
Hey, buddy can ya spare a dime?
Shut yer yap, or I'll box yer ears.
Ahh gwan, shut yer trap or I'll give ya a good hidin'.
Hey, that's swell! Yer a regular guy.
Better to be on the safe side.
Oh, a wise guy, huh?
Don't soft-soap me.
For the love of Mike, will you get off yer high horse?!
Oh, that'd be a fine how do you do!
You bet yer bottom dollar!
He was flyin' like a bat outta hell.
Yer a heel, Bill. A real rat.
Yeah? Says who?
For Pete sakes!
Take it or leave it, toots.
Get lost, sonny, ya botha me.
Didya hear the new tune by Benny Goodman's band? A real toe tapper!
That'd be the cat's pajamas.
Anything goes.
I got a kick outta that.
It takes two to tango.
Excuse me for livin'
I got a gal who's a real peach - a corker, I tell ya.
Don't kid yourself.
Excuse me while I powder my nose.
You gonna trust a guy with a mug like that?
You can say that again!

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