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Captain George H Grant

Posted by Bruce Kahl on March 23, 2001

In Reply to: Captain George H Grant posted by M Stirling on March 23, 2001

: I'm doing research on our family and trying to find information on Captain George H. Grant who worked for United Fruit Co on the Banana Boats. He also authored 5 books on his experiences at sea. I was wondering who I could contact at United Fruit Co to see if I could find a death Date. I know he retired in 1958 in New Jersey but where at not sure. Would like to hear from
: anybody who could give me any info on him about the banana boats etc.
: [email protected]

If he retired in 1958 then he was probably born in the late 1800s or so.
So he probably served in some sort of military service during the First Word War. If you are here in the US or in the UK the military complex could give you some info as the "Captain" part may be a military rank. Just a guess!
The US social security index could give you WHERE he died and then you could research local newspapers for obituaries.
Good luck!!