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Your turn in the barrel

Posted by R. Berg on May 16, 2001

In Reply to: Your turn in the barrel posted by Remington Steel on May 15, 2001

: : : : I thought we had covered "your turn in the barrel" before, but I can't find it in the archives. Meaning? Origin?

: : : Mentioned in Archive 6 but not explained there. To get Archive 6, click on "Archive 7." Look for a post by Sauerkraut on Oct. 26.

: : I couldn't find it. I thought the phrase related to "shooting fish in a barrel." And "your turn in the barrel" meant it's your turn to the be publically criticized as in a staff meeting. But it seems like I remember someone saying the phrase had a vulgar meaning. If I find more in my references, I'll post again.

: It refers to a practice of the male homosexual community when they collectively take their obsession with the solid waste output organ to unpleasant, unhealthy and frankly nauseating extremes.

My husband says he first heard this expression as the punchline of a joke. The joke involves a group of men at some remote work setting (lumber camp, outpost in Antarctica--whatever), a New Guy who's being introduced to the local facilities, and a barrel with a knothole in it. Guess who ends up being the . . .