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"nickel slick"

Posted by G Stricklin on May 09, 2001

In Reply to: "Nickel slick" posted by R. Berg on March 20, 2001

: : : I have the general idea of what it means but am interested in a specific meaning and maybe the origin. Thanks.

: :
: : I'll take a stab, since no one else has yet. I have the sense that it relates either to the coin or to nickel plating, which was common before chrome plating. When either a nickel (coin) or something that is nickel-plated are new, they are slick like a chrome-plated surface. It is probably used figuratively to refer to a slick person, some shrewd and slippery rascal. - Patty

: That was my guess, too--and "nickel slick" gets a little help from the repetition of sounds, which seems to keep some phrases alive in the lexicon, like "doesn't know s__ from Shinola" or "it takes two to tango."
go to they have a band called Nickel Slick maybe they know the exact term