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You're joshin' me

Posted by Ray on February 16, 2001

In Reply to: You're joshin' me posted by WickedClown on October 02, 2000

: Where did the phrase 'you're joshin' me', come from? If you know, please e-mail me...
About two years ago, I was watching the history channel, a program about the Nevada
Gold Rush(in the US), and heard their story about Josh. The next morning I wrote it
down the way I recalled it.
I expect that if you found the name of a well known newspaper in Nevada (Reno area)
and sent them an email, they could substantiate it.
Would appreciate you updating me on what you find out !
Here's what I wrote down.
During the time of the Nevada gold rush, after the California gold
rush and before the Colorado gold rush, A deaf mute by the name of
Josh discovered that the Carson City mint had issued a copper 5 cent
piece that was almost identical in size, shape and pattern to a 5
dollar gold piece issued by the same mint. Josh discovered that if he
sprinkled a thin layer of very fine gold dust over the copper 5 cent
piece, it looked almost identical to the 5 dollar piece.
So Josh would take these "decorated" 5 cent pieces into a dimly lit
store or bar and and make a small purchase, lay his coin on the
counter and wait for the proprietor to give him change for his
"5 dollars". Some of the proprietors would question the validity
of the coin, but of course Josh being a deaf mute could not hear
or answer the questions.
Thus the saying "Are you Joshing me ?"