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Posted by Bruce Kahl on February 03, 2001

In Reply to: Swoof posted by Reggie on February 03, 2001

: What is a "Swoof" and where did it originate?

I have not heard that word in quite a while!
All that I know about that word is from sitting for hours with my 2 daughters in the early to mid eighties watching and reading all things concerning the "Smurfs".
A swoof is the predecessor of a smurf. The Smurfs descended from swoofs.
The Swoofs lived on the planet Swoof.
In fact, Papa Smurf used to send letters to his ancestors on the planet Swoof. In fact, once upon a time the smurfberry bird............

You really dont wanna know any more so I will stop now and just give you a link to a picture I found of 2 swoofs. It is too big to load on this site so just copy and paste it into your browser: