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Outrageous Aussie Sayings

Posted by ESC on January 29, 2001

In Reply to: Shout for a round posted by Steven McEwan on January 28, 2001

: Thanks very much for your help.

: : : : : I'd like to find out the origin of the phrase "shout", when used to mean "turn to buy", especially in relation to buying alcohol - eg "It's my shout".

: : : : My reference books don't say anything about this one. I'm just guessing, but could it be based on shouting to the bartender, "Four more beers over here, please," or whatever?

: : : "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cultural Etiquette" by Carol Turkington (Alpha Books, Indianapolis, Ind., 1999) says it's an Australian thing: "Remember, in an Australian pub, each person is responsible for buying a round of drinks. Never miss your turn to 'shout for a round' or you'll be branded as an Ugly American."

: : Funny thing: the phrase sounded Australian to me before I knew anything about it, and I can't say why.

Australians have a way with a phrase.