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More tea vicar

Posted by JaneS on January 19, 2001

In Reply to: More tea vicar posted by Barney on January 19, 2001

: : : : : Google throws up
: : : : : is response to "more tea vicar" suggesting that the phrase did originate a faux polite response to a public fart. (though I can't find the phrase on the page).

: : : : If I had to choose, "let Polly out of jail" would be my favorite.

: : : Oliver Cromwell might have said "Who farted".

: : Hmmm. I don't think that has the same je ne sais quoi as "let Polly out of jail."

: Ah, but Oliver was the plain speaking man of his times.

My favourite "fart coverup" is "Who stepped on the duck"!