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The 'words ending in GRY' riddle.

Posted by Gary Martin on December 20, 2000

In Reply to: The 'words ending in GRY' riddle. posted by Barney Scott on December 20, 2000

: : While the explanation on this page of this internet riddle on this page is interesting, the problem is that
: : there IS a third word in the English language that ends with GRY - it's GRY, meaning one tenth of a line,
: : or something small and insignificant.
: And if you do an internet search, you'll find that people have found a few other obscure words ending -gry.
: I did remember 'gry' without looking it up - I'd come across it in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary years ago. It also means 'dirt under the fingernails' - which doesn't have any other simple word for it, so I think we should campaign to get 'gry' more widely used!

Gry is also a verb meaning 'to rage'. There are several other words ending in gry. The point is that the riddle was a trick question. What's interesting about it is that it won't lie down and die.


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