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Posted by David FG on September 22, 2010 at 20:15

In Reply to: April... posted by Gary Martin on September 21, 2010 at 17:30:

: : : : Does anyone have any idea as to the meaning of 'April' as used by Del in an episode of 'Only Fools and Horses'? I assume that it's 'April fool' but it doesn't fit with the context of the episode, when Del says to Rodney 'I bet your old April was going' which suggests it was rather rude.

: : : : Any offers ?

: : : It does sound like rhyming slang. It isn't one that I've come across in the wild. My rhyming slang dictionary list 'tool', 'stool' and 'pools' (football) as alternatives. The CRS 'tool' usage was specifically workmen's tools but, given the context, I'd guess it was used to mean the more common slang term for tool, i.e. 'penis'.

: : I think this is actually a rather complex bit of rhyming slang.

: : 'April' is short for 'April in Paris' which rhymes with 'aris' which is itself a convoluted bit of slang.

: : 'Aris' is short for 'Aristotle' which rhymes with 'bottle' which is, in turn, short for 'bottle and glass' which rhymes with 'arse'.

: : And there, as they say, you have it.

: : So, Del was saying, in effect, that he assumed Rodney was very nervous...

: : DFG

: That's a good one. I have a friend who is a real 'Bow Bells' Cockney and often uses 'aris' but I've not heard it taken that extra step before. But then, I'm from far enough north of Watford to think that 'glass' and 'arse' don't rhyme.

And I'm from far enough west - across the Irish Sea - to think that 'arse' almost rhymes with 'coarse'.