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Well done Grasshopper

Posted by David FG on May 02, 2010 at 19:55

In Reply to: Well done Grasshopper posted by Smokey Stover on May 02, 2010 at 16:59:

: : : I am looking for the origin of the phrase, 'Well done Grasshopper'.

: : I think it might have its origins in a television series that was shown in the British Isles in the early 1970s (presumably a bit earlier in its native US) called 'Kung Fu'. It was the story of a trainee monk/warrior, played by David Carradine, whose 'Kung Fu' name was 'Grasshopper'. His teacher (a blind monk) would say things like 'Well done, Grasshopper'.

: : It was not one of the greatest pieces of television ever made.

: : DFG

: David, you're doubtless correct in your put-down of Kung Fu. But in that great wasteland in cyberspace we call television, the series was far from the worst at that time, and perhaps any time since. And David Carradine was an icon to a large number of fans. I know, as my wife was one of those fans, and she owns the remote.
: SS

I think we Rightpondians might have been spared some of the less good offerings of the US. But we have no grounds for feeling superior: there were some truly dreadful things produced in Britain at the time and RTE was so bad that only those in religious orders or prison watched it...

And the remote was yet to make its way to most of the households of these islands in the early '70s.