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Name rings a bell

Posted by Ben Bowles on March 21, 2010 at 22:15

Hi there. I'm interested in the phase 'name rings a bell'. I've searched the Oxford English Dictionary online and I have found the following. I'm interested in whether anyone knows any other famous texts where this phrase would have been used. Thanks so much!

1945 M. AGATE Madame Sarah xii. 171 They would be quick to recognize a great performance, but would it 'ring a bell' with them, I wonder?
1945 M. ALLINGHAM Coroner's Pidgin xxiii. 203 That's where I saw the name, then... It rang only a very faint bell.
1957 P. FRANKAU Bridge 64 'Do you remember..the stage~hands who built the set?' 'That rings a bell.'