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End of pea (pee?) time

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 19, 2000

In Reply to: End of pea (pee?) time posted by ESC on November 19, 2000

: : My late mother-in-law would describe wonderful things as being the "end of pea (pee?) time. None of us had the courage to ask her the spelling. I assumed that she meant it in the sense that peas are a very early crop so that they end when warm spring weather arrives.Has anyone else run into this expression?

: No luck finding this phrase so far.

A few cooking sites I found referred to your phrase as the period from June to September when fresh peas were sold in local markets.

I found on Bartleby's a reference to your phrase--"like the last of pea time"--as an adjectival phrase meaning:
old; elderly, senile; antiquated, advanced in life, advanced in years; stricken in years; wrinkled, marked with the crow's foot; having one foot in the grave.
So I guess your mother in law was using the phrase in a melancholic fashion.