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Posted by Stickler on November 02, 2000

In Reply to: MEANING posted by Sauerkraut on November 02, 2000

: : I need to know the meaning of the cliche "urban guerilla" for a school assignment.

: Not intending to put you down for your honest inquiry, but a quick look-up in any of the on-line dictionaries (assuming you don't have access to a printed one at home) would have saved you some time.

: Mine defines "guerilla" (derived from the French word "guerre" - meaning "war") as an independant soldier who preys on the enemy by harrassment, surprise attacks, and so forth. Urban, of course refers to cities. Thus -- if you're still with me, urban guerillas are like the Irish Republican Army whose members further their aggendas by illicit and undercover attacks on the current powers.

: Then, again, this term could be applied to the American Revolutionaries who opposed and overthrew the British rule of the early colonies.

Not to put you down for your well-meaning answer, but the origin is Spanish, not French, and is spelled with two r's. (You're not alone in this. 99% of the population would misspell this word one way or another....)