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The Sidewalks Of New York

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 02, 2000

In Reply to: Trip the Light Fantastic posted by Bob on November 02, 2000

: : I know the meaning of the phrase but does anyone know the origin? Is it Shakespeare or what?

The Sidewalks Of New York

Melody & text: Chas. B. Lawlor and James W. Blake, 1894

Down in front of Casey's,
Old brown wooden stoop,
On a summers evening,
We formed a merry group,
Boys and girls together,
We would sing and waltz,
While the "ginnie" played the organ
On the sidewalks of New York
East side, West side,
All around the town,
The tot sang "Ring a Rosie,"
"London Bridge is falling down."
Boys and girls together,
Me and Mamie Rourke,
Tripped the light fantastic,
On the sidewalks of New York.