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"No Strings Attached"

Posted by Bob on October 10, 2000

In Reply to: "No Strings Attached" posted by ESC on October 10, 2000

: : While vacationing recently in the Orlando area I was offered deeply discounted theme park tickets. I inquired and was informed that I needed to attend a "breakfast" with a reprentative of a time-share scheme. She assured me I was under no obligation to buy anything and that the tickets had "no strings attached".
: : I have an understanding of "pulling strings" to get something done for somebody but any clues to these strings?
: : I thank you in advance,
: : bk

: When I hear the expression "no strings attached" I envision a simple rabbit trap -- a box propped up by a stick and a string attached to the stick. When the rabbit goes under the box to get a carrot, the trapper pulls the string and the box falls, trapping the rabbit.

: So if a deal has "no strings," there is no intention of trapping you.

Or the visual from old Keystone Kops silent movies, where a wallet is left on the sidewalk. When a passerby leans over to pick it up, it gets jerked away by the string attached. So something that looks lucrative or appealing (discounted tickets, free breakfast) can't really be yours... it can be snatched way from you ... if it has strings attached.