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Why is cowardice (and treason) yellow?

Posted by Ann David on October 09, 2000

In Reply to: Why is cowardice (and treason) yellow? posted by ESC on December 22, 1999

Yellow equal cowardice because of the chicken. A chicken is not a brave bird. It will not fight to protect its young as a goose or swan may do. The yellow skin of a chicken, and if you have ever had farm raised chickens you will clearly see that the skin is a bright yellow. Yellow equals chicken equals coward. Treason is associated with cowardice because it is an attempt to overthrow the existing government. Instead of fixing whatever problems there may be my a majority of citizens, the cowards trick others into treasonist acts. A political overthrow, equals a coup equals cowards or chickens who live in coops. A coup test is treason as it should be and is punishable by death.