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Hhold the gun on me

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 09, 2009 at 20:54

In Reply to: Hhold the gun on me posted by Richard Blaustein on February 08, 2009 at 13:01:

: What is the origin of the phrase "hold the gun on me'? Is there is no connection between this phrases and the punchline of this old widely heard joke found in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. Here is a common American version of this joke:

: A hillbilly came to town carrying a jug of moonshine in one hand and a shotgun in the other. He stopped a man on the street, saying to him "Here friend, take a drink outta my jug." The man protested, saying he never drank.
: The hillbilly leveled his shotgun at the stranger and commanded "Drink!"
: The stranger drank, shuddered, shook, shivered and coughed.
: "Gee! that's awful stuff you've got there."
: "Ain't it, though?" replied the hillbilly.
: "Now, you hold the gun on me while I take a drink."

: Does anyone have any ideas regard the origins of the phrase "hold the gun on me" and its possible relationship to this joke? I'd really like to know. Many thanks in advance.

Never heard that joke or the phrase "hold the gun on me". Also, in the U.S. it would be more common for someone to use the phrase "twist my arm" when asked to do something they enjoy.

Holding a gun on someone is usually used hypothetically, as in "well yeah, I'd drink American beer if you were holding a gun on me, but...".