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Every mouldy biscuit...

Posted by Graham Cambray on January 25, 2009 at 00:00

In Reply to: Every mouldy biscuit... posted by Matt on January 05, 2009 at 08:30:

: Anyone heard the phrase, and know country of origin for the phrase "every mouldy biscuit has it's boom boom cheese" (there's someone for everyone)?


We're not supposed to do meanings, it says at the top of the main forum page, and that seems like good advice in this case. I'm not really the ideal person to advise on this, but then I'm not sure how many 17-year-olds contribute to the forum. It's "urban" slang, no more than maybe five years old (in the UK, anyway). I guess the US "pulls the train" in coining these terms, but I don't think this is a set phrase as such. Anyone feeling suitably masochistic should be able to dissect this using Urban Dictionary, as long as they bear in mind that most of the entries are less than serious, and that only recurring definitions stand a reasonable chance of being true. Oh, you may want to spell biscuit with a "z", and so on.