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Put your money under the mattress

Posted by ESC on October 12, 2008 at 16:45

In Reply to: Put your money under the mattress posted by Roy on October 09, 2008 at 10:02:

: In these uncertain financial time - Origination of phrase "put your money under the mattress" and similar sayings?

I couldn't find it. But here are some "poor phrases":

As broke as piecrust - Poor, without money. ESC's husband heard this on a National Public Radio program (October 2002) about rhythm and blues musicians in the 1940s in Los Angeles. "We were as broke as piecrust." Piecrust is very delicate and crumbles easily.

I don't even have change for a grasshopper. And that's two crickets - "Blues Hangover," sung by Slim Harpo on his "Hip Shakin'" CD.

Poor as chalk - ".Tyler Talley, the 'Ready Get Set' Killer, a nineteen-year-old football star and B student, poor as chalk." Phrase found in "The Most Wanted" by Jacquelin Mitchard (Penguin Putnam, New York, 1998), a novel set in Texas.

Too broke to spend the night - (Unknown)
Too poor to pay attention - (Unknown)