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6, 2 and even

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 25, 2008 at 01:22

In Reply to: 6, 2 and even posted by Darren on July 18, 2008 at 17:24:

: I'm looking for what "6, 2 and even" means it was used in the Dick Tracy cartoon as a type of sign off, when he spoke into his watch saying "6, 2 and even, over and out"

Wow, have not heard that in a long time--Rara avis!

That phrase has a gambling history.
I used to hear that in my youth while growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the old time pool halls from the bookies.

The phrase refers to a horse that starts out the day with average type odds:
6-1 to win
2-1 to place
Even money to show.
6, 2 and even.

Before placing a bet a horseplayer can see the odds on the tote board and then determine if those odds represent good wagering value.

Many tracks will start the odds on horses close to the above examples and can be interpreted that the horses close to those odds are not out of the ordinary. Eventually the phrase meant that all was well and A-OK and everything is close to normal.