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Storming the castle

Posted by RRC on February 10, 2008 at 13:02:

In Reply to: Storming the castle posted by Smokey Stover on February 10, 2008 at 13:02:

: : What does: "Have fun storming the castle" mean?

: Without some context, not very much. It probably is a sardonic way of saying, "Go ahead and attack the stronghold (i.e., management, the big chiefs, or any entrenched institution), good luck with that. But you're probably wasting your time."
: SS

This is a quote from the movie (probably also in the book by William Goldman) "The Princess Bride". After Miracle Max makes a pill to revive Wesley from his "mostly dead" state, his companions leave to rescue Princess Buttercup from the castle of the evil Prince Humperdinck. Miracle Max wishes them "Have fun storming the castle." You can watch part of the scene on YouTube here: