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Jive Turkey

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 07, 2008

In Reply to: Jive Turkey posted by Ednauseam on January 07, 2008

: What is the origin of term "Jive Turkey"?

The Urban Dictionary provides us with several unofficial definitions of the term, which are, after my editing,

a. One who speaks as though they know what they're talking about...though they do not. b. a bulls h i tter.

1. Someone who's full of s h i t, an idiot, or likes to run linux even though they can't make the sound work.
2. Turkey slow roasted in artificial jive flavoring.
1. Jim: Linux is so much better than windows even though I can't make the sound work.
Me: Shut yo mouth, fuckin Jive Turkey.

2. Damn that be some good Jive Turkey, pass the corn flakes.

3. jive turkey
its an old 70's term used to describe someone who thinks they're kool or hott but really isn't.

"That guy is such a jive turkey!"
4. jive turkey
someone who talks a lot of s h i t, either a complete liar or someone who is so full of s h i t they think they are telling the truth

1) george bush
2) bill clinton

your local used car salesman is a jive turkey. Anytime someone tells u a car is flawless and then tells u to get the extended warrantee is a jive turkey

5. Jive Turkey
A large, galiscinious [sc. gallinaceous] bird, fond of the odd disco.

Hey, Mike, I didn't believe that we had Jive Turkeys over here in California, but in fact, we do.
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