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In the pocket

Posted by Lewis on January 03, 2008

In Reply to: In the pocket posted by James Briggs on December 21, 2007

: : : Can anyone tell me what the phrase "in the pocket" means, or refers to, or alludes to?

: : In American football, the quarterback is "in the pocket" when he is in possession of the ball behind the line of scrimmage and is between the offensive tackles. Certain rules apply to what the quarterback is allowed to do with the ball, whether he's in the pocket or out of the pocket.

: The same phrase applies to Rugby but, in this case, usually applies to a player dropping back to 'the pocket' in order to have an attempt at a drop goal.

it could also refer to table games such as billiards, snooker or pool.

the receptacles at the corner and centre of the tables are 'pockets' and a ball can be 'in the pocket' both by being knocked down that exit and off the table or by being stationary between the cushions blocking an exit.