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Have you hugged your kid today?

Posted by ESC on December 30, 2007

Have you hugged your kid today? - The slogan was created in 1975 by Jack Lewis, a Kentucky state government worker.

Posted on Sun, Dec. 30, 2007
He hugged his children and spread the word
By Jillian Ogawa
[email protected]

Jack Lewis practiced what he preached on bumper stickers, television commercials and T-shirts: "Have you hugged your kid today?"

In June 1976, his 9-year-old daughter Susan wrote about that in a Herald-Leader essay contest. Lewis worked hard not only for his family, but also for other children as he was serving as commissioner of social services.

"He hugs all of us every day, and we hug him too," she wrote.

Lewis died April 1 at the Baptist Hospital East in Louisville (Kentucky) after a heart attack. He was 72.
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