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Coo lummy

Posted by James Briggs on December 29, 2007

In Reply to: Coo lummy posted by Taupe on December 29, 2007

: Coo lummy. Clearly some sort of "ooh, wow," but I'd love to know more. It shows up in books, but I don't find the phrase or its parts here. Do or did people really say it? What's its etymology?

A guess. It was/is certainly common in Cockney speak, but I know it as 'cor lummy'. The 'lummy' is a cockney way of saying 'love me'. The 'cor' is more difficult . It appears in 'cor blimey', where 'blimey' is , for some reason, 'blind me' and in 'cor, luv a duck'. My searches just prior to posting this suggest that it's just an intensifier; I can't find an origin.