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As is where is

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on December 06, 2007

In Reply to: As is where is posted by Belabee on December 06, 2007

: What is the origin of the phrase, 'as is where is...'?

There should be a comma in the middle. That's important, as without it those four words are totally meaningless.

"As is" is a legalese phrase, used in when something is to be sold "in its/their actual current condition". In other words, the seller does not claim that the thing concerned is in perfect or working condition, and the buyer accepts any faults it may have; there are no guarantees or warranties, or bringing it back because it isn't perfect. (A similar phrase is "to be sold as seen", meaning "It's up to the buyer to look at it and judge how ropey it is".) "Where is", means that it's up to the buyer to remove the goods from wherever they are currently stored at his/her own cost; delivery is not included in the deal. (VSD)