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Frame yourself

Posted by ESC on December 04, 2007

In Reply to: Frame yourself posted by R. Berg on December 03, 2007

: : Hi, where does the phrase "frame yourself" come from? My granny says it, (and so do I, much to my partner's annoyance lol), when someone is nothing doing something properly or too slowly.

: Well, you could ask Granny why she says that. I haven't heard this one before. My guess, though, is that if you stand still too long, you remind her of a picture in need of framing. She's indulging in humor by way of exaggeration. ~rb

Wizard of Oz:
Auntie Em: I saw you tinkering with that contraption, Hickory. Now you and Hunk get back to that wagon.
Hickory: All right, Mrs. Gale. But someday, they're going to erect a statue to me in this town
Auntie Em: Well, don't start posing for it now.

Maybe it has to do with the following (from Wikipedia):

Tableau vivant (correct plural: tableaux vivants) is French for "living picture." The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move. The approach thus marries the art forms of the stage with those of painting/photography, and as such it has been of interest to modern photographers.