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Brown suit

Posted by ESC on November 22, 2007

In Reply to: Brown suit posted by Jos on November 22, 2007

: What does it mean to call someone a "brown suit"? I believe it is used as an insult.

I've never heard that expression. I have heard:


(George Gobel) Was a hit as a frequent guest on the Tonight Show. One night he provided a moment often replayed on "Carson highlights." Bob Hope and Dean Martin were already on and, if not drinking, gave that impression. After George was introduced and talking to Johnny, he had the audience laughing away as he told stories of his WWII service in Oklahoma, noting that he had done a good job as "The Japs never got any further than Tulsa." The audience was also laughing as Dean Martin was shaking his cigarette ashes (unknown to George) in George's drink. At that point, George, realizing something was going on, but not sure what, said to Johnny "Did you ever feel life was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?" Carson broke up, as did Hope and Martin.