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Monday specimen

Posted by James Briggs on November 21, 2007

In Reply to: Monday specimen posted by Stefan LegalAssassin Siverud on November 21, 2007

: Hi, I just arrived at your site when looking for the French version of "Let them eat cake". I seem to have spent an hour looking at different things already, and I like it!

: I found the phrase "Friday afternoon car", and I checked for another phrase like it we have in Sweden, but it seems you don't have it in English. So, I thought you'd might like to know that in Sweden, "ett måndagsex" which is short for "ett måndagsexemplar" means a product (often referring to a car) made at the start of the week (Monday). The literal translation would be "a Monday specimen".

: I haven't researched the original meaning, but if the machines have just been started up, they don't always work properly. Also, Monday mornings are typically thought of as the worst time of the week in Sweden, because after having been up late (maybe drinking as well) on Friday and Saturday, possibly having had a better dinner on Sunday (equal to the English "Sunday roast"), you hate to get up early and work, especially in a factory.

It's also a 'Friday afternoon' car in the UK, with people more concerned about starting the weekend than doing their work properly! However, since most cars are made by robots these days, the phrase is no longer common.