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Cheap date

Posted by Skjarvis on November 12, 2007

In Reply to: Cheap date posted by Li Yar on October 29, 2007

: : : : : A newsblog made this statement recently:

: : : : : "Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert is 'running for president.' It's a joke, of course, but the Politico's Kenneth Vogel notes that it could trigger 'strict election law provisions,' so the network's lawyers are taking it 'very seriously':

: : : : : A Comedy Central spokesperson, who declined to be named, would not answer questions about whether the network plans to promote Colbert's candidacy, how much the network spends to produce the show or whether it paid staff and lawyers working to get Colbert on South Carolina's ballots.

: : : : : Usually reporters at least get some information out of their sources in exchange for anonymity. Vogel is a cheap date."

: : : : : I am curious about the meaning of "cheap date"

: : : : :'cheap date'=a girl[sorry,it is sexist]who you can take advantage of sexually for little expense i.e. McDonalds rather than Maxim's.Hence,anyone who can be bought cheaply in any arena.Is your quaery political?

: : : I'm pretty inexperienced in regard to cheap dates, except that I've never had a really expensive one. I've always supposed that cheap or costly, a date didn't necessarily bespeak any sexual favors or complaisance. At least I didn't get much of that from MY cheap dates. But I bow to superior wisdom and experience.

: : : There are numerous Internet sites offering ideas for cheap dates. Here's one of many.

: : :

: : : I believe 'cheap date' refers to a female who gets tipsy from alcohol very quickly, thus putting her 'in the mood'. It would cost the male very little to buy fewer drinks, so she was the cheap date!

: let us not forget the comparison with an inexpensive and low-quality fruit.

: a 'cheap date' is one that says "Eat Me!" on the box, is it not?

: Li Yar
* Love it, good one! Do you think it was the brown roots that gave her away?