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Seen the elephants...

Posted by ESC on November 05, 2007

In Reply to: Seen the elephants... posted by Joey messina on November 05, 2007

: There is, I believe, a New England saying, they have seen the elephants & heard the hooty owl. Someone found the definition, derivation, of it online. (in my old puter.) I've tried & tried to find it, but I'm scoring zip... can you help please?

Previously, we discussed "I've been to the city and seen the elephant." A link (now dead apparently) to Word Origins said it was an expression of world weariness. Been there, done that. No origin, except American. A related phrase.

BEEN TO THE CIRCUS AND SEEN THE MONKEY - "(Attorney Jack) Smith said he did not know (Dick) Murgatroyd until he was hired. Asked how Murgatroyd heard of him, Smith answered that he's 'been around for a long time.' 'I have a lot of experiences," he said. "I've been to the circus and seen the monkey.'." From "Murgatroyd hires top lawyer: Louisville's Jack Smith retained in political hiring investigation," article in the Kentucky Enquirer, June 8, 2005.