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Check your brain

Posted by Bob on October 26, 2007

In Reply to: Check your brain posted by R. Berg on October 25, 2007

: : : What does 'check your brain at the door' mean?

: :
: : It means you are about to witness or be involved in something so stupid that you can only enjoy it if you seemingly have no brain. It's similar to checking your hat and/or coat as you enter a theater or fancy restaurant.

: The phrase also applies to "entering" a belief system that makes so little sense - in the speaker's or writer's opinion, of course - that to subscribe to it, you have to suppress your power of thought. ~rb

Most "action pictures" demand that you switch off your brain entirely in order to enjoy them. Being reasonable or logical would spoil the fun. It can get challenging at times: I remember seeing John Travolta outrunning a nuclear explosion, for example. Same goes, as rb points out, with missionaries/cults/herbal remedy hawkers/stockbrokers who come to your door, peddling eternal life and/or sudden wealth in exchange for accepting eleven impossible beliefs and a dose of miracles.