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Dave of love

Posted by RRC on October 16, 2007

In Reply to: Dave of love posted by Bryant on October 16, 2007

: What is the meaning of "Dave of love" (for the dealer)? It came from the American Drama "West Wing", Season 1 Episode 6, 'Mr. Willis of Ohio'. At the start of the teaser, the president and the senior staffers are playing poker and the dealer C. J. Cregg says this line after dealing the cards. 'Love' can be 'heart', but I'm at a loss with 'Dave'.

From what I can find, it means the dealer has dealt the ten of hearts. It seems to only occur on "West Wing" and "Sports Nights" both created by Aaron Sorkin. I'm guessing that this may be some sort of inside joke or message that has been slipped into the scripts (something only known among the cast, crew, friends, etc. like the way Carol Burnett used to pull her ear at the end of her show to signal her grandmother).