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Get one`s rocks off

Posted by Lewis on August 02, 2007

In Reply to: Get one`s rocks off posted by David FG on July 31, 2007

: : : : : "Get one`s rocks off". In the Urban dictionary I have found the meaning "to have an orgasm", but I suppose there is another meaning. Can anyone explain?

: : : : That's the only meaning/usage I've ever heard.

: : : Me too. Why did you think there was another meaning?

: : : DFG

: : I have heard the phrase used here in the NY area of the US of A to mean "obtaining pleasure" in a non-sexual way as in "He gets his rocks off by insulting people and watching them squirm".

: : The OP may not be a speaker of native English and just wanted us to help him understand the many phrases and idioms a complicated language such as English presents itself; so maybe that is why he thought there was another meaning.

: Indeed, and I intended absolutely no criticism in my reply. I simply wondered if the OP had heard another meaning of which I was unaware.

: I think your example works as an extension of the sexual meaning, for example.


getting one's rocks off is just as DFG says using the analogy of sexual satisfaction for general pleasure. it's like "whatever floats your boat" - one metaphor for pleasure being substituted for another. in a way, it is inverted as usually non-sexual metaphors are substituted for sex (e.g. "puts lead in your pencil" or "cut the mustard") - with 'rocks off' it is the other way round - using an explicit sexual metaphor for general pleasure or interest.