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No longer subject to notification

Posted by Lewis on June 29, 2007

In Reply to: No longer subject to notification posted by Bob on June 27, 2007

: : : When a Holloywood assistant director announces to the crew and staff at a location filming in Canada, "
: : : This will be an 11 days stay so far. Plus we are no longer subject to notification.", what does "no longer subject to notification" mean? Could someone help me with this phrase, please, because I have no background knowledge. What kind of notification does he mean?
: : : Thank you in advance.

: : When filming on location, a company must usually notify all residents, businesses, etc. within a specified radius of what is going on and when to prevent traffic problems, reporting gun shots, etc. The exact rules depend on the location and teh terms of the film permit they receive from the locality.

: : Evidentally, this film company has worked around this issue with the authorities controlling the particular location.

: The jaded residents of L.A. and environs do NOT want movies filmed in their neighborhoods. Too disruptive. But on location in a remote place? The locals drool at the thought. One of my all-time favorite movies about making movies, State and Main, is a David Mamet comedy about a film production invading a small town. Highly recommended.

what about the film with Alan Alda and Michael Caine - "Sweet Liberty" ? again set in a small town where a film crew descend on it to make a war of independence movie. Alda is the academic whose concern for historical accuracy is trodden all over ("Braveheart" methinks).

rather fun TBH.