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Thumb up my ass

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on June 01, 2007

In Reply to: Thumb up my ass posted by RRC on June 01, 2007

: : : We are really slow at work and I made the statement that I hated sitting around "with my thumb up my ass." And of course we were curious as to the origins of this expression.

: : :The meaning is pretty graphically clear that you can't be doing anything constructive with your whole hand if your thumb's up your arse.The thumb being the opposing digit may have something to do with its choice in the phrase.Other than that,I don't know when it first appeared or why.

: A more emphatic version of "sitting on your hands"... try not to think about "twiddling your thumbs" (^_^)

The extensive traditional repertoire of verbal abuse employed by British Army sergeants includes upbraiding the soldiers/cadets under one's command for sitting around "thumbs in bums and minds in neutral". (VSD)