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Snowy in Paris

Posted by Parthian on May 26, 2007

In Reply to: Snowy in Paris posted by Baceseras on May 23, 2007

: : : Does anyone know the origins of the phrase 'Snowy in Paris' to mean that your underskirt is showing? I have not heard of it until today but I am told by colleagues that it is an old phrase - any ideas?

: : Never heard it myself. There are only 4 Google hits for "snowy in Paris" all about real snow as are the first few pages for "snowing in Paris".

: "Snowing down south" is the version my parents' generation told me about,

:Never heard it either,but would venture to guess that Paris being the height of fashion and not particularly prone to snowing,a girl showing her slip there would be most embarrassing.Like for a man's fly being open is 'Must be chilly down South' to which an appropriate response might be:"A dead bird never fell out of its nest".