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Frog strangler

Posted by ESC on May 16, 2007

In Reply to: Frog strangler posted by ESC on May 13, 2007

: : : Whenever it would rain torrentially, my dad would say "It's a real frog strangler". He said that saying is old and was rather obvious - heavy rain mildly flooding quickly was enough to drown a frog. Has anyone else heard of this saying?

: : I've heard "toad strangler."

: Frog-drowner, frog storm, frog strangler -- noun. A sudden hard rain. Same as gullywasher. Page 241. Frog rain -- A rain accompanied by windsprouts that pick up small frogs and shower them on nearby land; a very heavy rain. Page 242. "Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English" by Michael B. Montgomery and Joseph S. Hall (University of Tennessee Press, 2004).

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