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The mouse in your pocket

Posted by R. Berg on May 16, 2007

In Reply to: The mouse in your pocket posted by RRC on May 16, 2007

: : What is the meaning of "the mouse in your pocket"? As in "do you or the mouse in your pocket want to take a shot at this?" I would just like to know what this means, and perhaps any clues as to the origin of the phrase.

: I haven't heard it used exactly like that. When someone makes a pronouncement on their own using "we" rather than "I", it's used to question/berate that usage. "We think you're doing it wrong." "We? Is there a mouse in your pocket?" And, as Mrs. Slocum would say, I am unanimous in that.

My mouse and I stayed for the credits and found that she was Mrs. Slocombe. Of course an elegant lady like her wouldn't be content with a mere six-letter surname. ~rb