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The funky chicken

Posted by David FG on April 17, 2007

In Reply to: The funky chicken posted by pamela on April 16, 2007

: : : : Can you please tell me the meaning and which place that we would use this phrase - "Do the Funky chicken"?

: : : The funky chicken is a novelty dance where the dancer makes chicken-like movements. You might shout this to someone on the dance floor so they will perform the dance for you. Then you might shout "Do the mashed potato" or "Do the twist."

: : It was a novelty song too...from a long time ago.

: Step-by-step instructions for doing this dance (including advanced steps) are at There is a long history of these novelty dances - "The Funky Gibbon" and the "Disco Duck" are two crazes that I lived through myself - although they are mostly favoured by drunk uncles at family dos. Pamela

That sounds like the voice of bitter experience to me!


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