Tell it to the Chaplain

Posted by Tom Heilman on March 03, 2007

There is an American phrase that seems to be gaining in popularity.
Specifically it is "Tell it to the Chaplain". It is used in a case where someone is whining or complaining about a personal misfortune or injustice. "Tell it to the chaplin" means "Save your sad story for someone who might give you some sympathy because no one around here will,especially me. It is similar to the physical act of imitating a musician playing a violin in the middle of someones personal and trivial tale of woe to indicate that the listener has heard enough and doesn't care to hear any more. It originated in prison where everyone has plenty of such tales to tell and little patience or intrest in those of others. It is not related to the phrase found here ,"Tell it to the marines" which questions the truth of a story. Rather it says,"I don't care if your story is true or not, I don't need to hear it. I don't really have a question. just thought it was a good phrase and invite your comments.