Street Whys

Posted by R. Berg on March 26, 2007

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: : Street Whys:

: : I found the phrase "Street Whys" in a documentary. Does anyone know what it means? It is a documentary about wildlife, and in the STreet Whys segment, the presenters ask the public what their opinions are.

: : THanks in advance for your reply.

: : Natalia

: Is it possible that the phrase was "Street Wise"? Most wildlife is anything by streetwise, and without seeing the documentary its hard to imagine what attitudes the public could have opinions about. What saves wild animals who invade the city, with its streets, its noise, its cars, is that they usually do it at night, when traffic and noises are at their least. The principal invaders, and the only ones that could be considered streetwise, are raccoons and possums. Skunks occasionally wander in, as do hungry bears in lean years. But these guys are far from streetwise. Deer will invade if the scenery is right, that is, big back yards with overhanging trees, lots of grass and plants (flowers and shrubs) that deer like to eat. And if they're bold enough they'll do it in daylight, which is why my community has an expensive program to kill as many deer as possible, about which I am extremely sorry, not to mention in a permanent state of rage.
: SS

My guess is that the documentary writers made up "Street Whys" as a pun on the word "streetwise," incorporating the long-standing practice of "man on the street" interviews, which are what you described - interviews with people found at random in public. ~rb