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Posted by Carolyn on February 11, 2007

In Reply to: IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LET THEM GO posted by pamela on January 11, 2007

: : question: what is the correct saying IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LET THEM GO, IF THEY RETURN...

: Apparently, Richard Bach (US writer) was the source of this: "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were." A friend of my sister's had a t-shirt with this printed on it (or should I say ironed on to it) way back in the '70s - I thought it was the most profound thing I had ever read. The t-shirt version was: "If you love her, let her go. If she comes back - shes yours. If she doesnt - never was." It had no apostrophes and a picture of a white bird just opening its wings to take off. Would the dove come back? That was the mystery. Pamela

Richard Bach wrote a very popular book in the '70's entitled - Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I believe that is the book that contains this quote.